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Discovering Critical Mineral Resources

Properties Available for Option
Properties Optioned 2021
Screenshot_2015-01-27 high grade.png


Don's Peak Project 23.9% Cu

Teahan 1.JPG


Teahan Project 

12% Cu; 0.44 oz/t Au; 14.94 oz/t Ag; and 14.7% Zn

Dorchester Grey Outcrop.JPG


Dorchester Project 48%Cu; 28.3 oz/t Ag

Henderson Brook Pyrite.JPG


Henderson Brook

1,182 g/t Ag; 0.55 g/t Au; 0.79% Cu

Pyrite Outcrop Taylors Brook.JPG

Taylors Brook Project 

0.4 g/t Au; 

14.4ppm Ag;  0.7% Cu


Argentiferous Galena.JPG


Gold Mine Gully

222 g/t Ag; 3.5% Cu 13.7% Pb  (0.5 oz/t Au)

Other Properties Optioned 2018-2020

Magna Terra Mineral Aug 15/20

  • Louisa Beach

  • Browns Lake East

  • Bear Mountain

  • Merigold

Rio Tinto Feb 12/18

  • Braveheart Project

All projects are in New Brunswick, Canada. For additional information on these projects click image, menu button, or Detailed Project Information button...

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